Is Desire or Fear Driving Your Social Media

by Blair Evan Ball January 12, 2017

Do you desire gain? More than you fear loss? Fear or Desire Like the little boy in this photo, desire drives him to reach for what he wants. He doesn’t consider the Fear of falling although that’s a real possibility. We have an emotional association for everything that we attach to pleasure or pain. Many […]

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5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

by Blair Evan Ball January 6, 2017

What is the “comfort zone” exactly? Why is it that we tend to get comfortable with the familiar and our routines, but when we’re introduced to new and interesting things, the glimmer fades so quickly? I remember when Social Media first came on the scene. I instinctively knew it could have a profound affect on […]

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Complacency is the Gift to Your Competitors in 2017

by Blair Evan Ball December 29, 2016

When you were younger and pictured yourself at this point in your life, did you picture the life you are living right NOW? You work hard every single day, maybe each day even harder than the last…so do your efforts match what you have to show for it? “The primary reason for failure is that […]

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5 Habits You Need to Succeed Going Forward

by Blair Evan Ball December 16, 2016

Are you looking forward to the New Year? Dreading it? Hoping for a better year? Or praying it doesn’t get worse? “Self command is not only itself a great virtue, but from it all the other virtues seem to derive their principle luster.” (Adam Smith) Getting ahead. Winning the race. Earning the highest income. All […]

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10 Social Media Strategies for 2017

by Blair Evan Ball December 9, 2016

Do you need help getting started with your social media marketing strategy? Do you know what to include? Goals and objectives guide your social media strategy to help you successfully connect with your customers. Social media doesn’t stand still. Where should you spend your time? Should you focus on customer acquisition, customer retention or both? […]

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7 Trends That Will Shape Social Media in 2017

by Blair Evan Ball December 2, 2016

  So what are the social media trends shaping 2017? How will they affect your business and marketing strategy? There are over 2.5 billion active social media users worldwide and the number is growing at a rate near double digits a year. The advertising spend is rising even faster. According to Advertising Age, social media […]

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3 Habits of Personal Effectiveness

by Blair Evan Ball November 18, 2016

Think about the mood you are now in. Can you identify it? What are you feeling? How would you describe your present mental state? “The man who succeeds above his fellows is the one who early in life clearly discerns his object, and towards that object habitually directs his powers.” – (Edward George Bulwer-Lytton) Abraham […]

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How To Set Your Strategy For 2017

by Blair Evan Ball November 10, 2016

Have you thought about your strategy for 2017? Do you know what it should be? Is it compelling? Time moves quickly and waits for no one. You’ll blink and New Years will be upon you. Now is a great time to start thinking and planning for next year. Some business owners and career professionals I […]

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3 Powerful Conditions That Affect Personal Change

by Blair Evan Ball November 3, 2016

Would you like to change some circumstance in your life? How about your business or career? Or does change bring about fear? All change is from the Inner to the Outer. If you can run a losing race without blaming your loss on someone else, you have bright prospects of success further down the road […]

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Why Your Business Needs to Be On Instagram (Infographic)

by Blair Evan Ball October 27, 2016

 Have you discovered Instagram yet? Did you realize business growth on Instagram is exploding? Is it right for me and my business? What is Instagram? Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app and social network that was created in 2010 by founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In 2012, Facebook purchased the service for $1 billion, […]

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