Facebook Ads for Business Made Easy

by Blair Evan Ball

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Presents Facebook Ads for Business Seminar




Would your business benefit from using Facebook ads?

Do you believe Facebook could be a great tool for your business if only you used it right?

Facebook seems quite easy to use, but it actually requires some advanced strategy, especially when making heads or tails of Facebook ads.

New to Facebook advertising and not sure where to start?

Are you already advertising on Facebook – but not yet seeing the results you hoped for? If you want your ad spending to yield more fans, leads or sales, you might just need to tweak your strategy a little bit to start seeing a better return on investment.

Facebook ads are not as scary as most people tend to think. In fact with proper monetizing techniques, you can actually receive Likes, Clicks, and even Shares for a little amount of money and this is Targeted traffic we’re talking about (those people who are interested in your market, product and services).

  • How would you like to reach your target audience?

  • Would you like more Page LIKES?

  • How about more leads & sales?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What type of Facebook Ads to run.

  • How to target the right audience.

  • How to budget properly.

  • Best times to run your advertising campaigns.

  • How to choose the right placement for your AD.

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How to Prepare to Have an Awesome 2015

Blair Evan Ball is a Social Media Coach and founder of Prepare1, a company that works with businesses, individuals and non-profits. He is a former executive with a Fortune 50 company, and his national division did $1Billion in sales annually.

Blair has written three e-books: Facebook for Business Made Easy, Facebook Pages for Business Made Easy, and WordPress Blog Setup Made Easy.

Blair also educates, trains entrepreneurs and business professionals how to amplify their brand, increase revenues, and raise more funds.

How to Prepare to Have an Awesome 2015The Race is ON! – Get into the Game and WIN!

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