5 Social Media Strategy Questions to ask Yourself

by Blair Evan Ball on August 12, 2014

Social Media StrategyAre we at a tipping point with social media?

Are your strategies and tactics working in a noisy world?

Have you created a ho-hum product or service or one that makes people go WOW? The bar is being raised each and every day in business. David Ogilvy, the great marketing genius on Wall Street once wrote. “Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.” How True!

The purpose of Social Media Marketing is to prime the pump. If people don’t want to use your product or service and more importantly if they don’t use social media to spread the word and recommend it to their friends. Your hosed. You won’t be able to spend enough to overcome this failure in marketing. It just won’t work.


You don’t have to make every experience a wow in life. It everything is a wow, then pretty soon, nothing is a wow.

1. What specific expectations does the typical customer bring to this experience?

2. What is the product/service experience I want to create to transform into a WOW?

3. What does failing to meet customers’ expectations for this experience look like?

4. How will the customer or prospect feel as a result of this experience?

5. What does exceeding customers’ expectations for this experience look like?


David Schwartz penned this book back in the late 50’s. He stated that Thinking Big was a skill, one that could be developed and applied daily. Here are 7 steps to thinking big:

1. Write down you dreams

2. Imagine the possibilities for you

3. Connect with your WHY

4. Decide what you can do to affect the outcome

5. Outline what need to be true

6. Determine timeline for when this will happen

7. Write down and review your goals daily

Like anything in life this is a habit, if done daily (Live in day tight compartments) pretty soon it becomes part of you and you’ve developed a new compelling habit. THINK BIG!


1. 2.7 Billion Internet Users

2. 191 Million here in the US

3. 75% of US use Social Networking sites

4. 73% Connect at least once a day

5. YouTube 1Billion+ users worldwide

6. 4 Billion Videos viewed everyday

7. Gangnam Style video most watched ever surpassing 2 Billion views

8. Instagram has 150 Million+ Users

9. More than 55 Million Photos and Videos shared each day

10. LinkedIn surpassed 300 Million users

11. 500 Million tweets sent daily

12. 80% of Pinterest users are women

13. Facebook has 170 Million users in the US

14. Vine surpassed 40 million users

15. Facebook user has on average 190 friends



All these Social Media facts are great. In fact they will change in the next day or two. The compelling question is what strategies and tactics will you engage to get to your goals, dreams personally and professionally?

1. Are you business goals aligned with your Social Media?

2. What social media platforms will you use to reach your targeted audience?

3. How much time will you devote daily?

4. How will you measure to know if you are winning or losing?

5. How will you refine your strategy/tactics if you are off course?


As we have learned Social Media moves quickly and changes frequently. We need to develop the skill of being flexible, by being able to adapt and change course quickly if we need to. Remember these Social Media Platforms are nothing more than tools. They will change…Be clear about your goals and objectives.

If you want to build a social media platform – one where people listen to you – then you need to be a GIVER, not a TAKER.

Spend 70% of your time giving, and then the rest can be selling through a call to action.

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