Facebook Takes on LinkedInAre you on LinkedIn?

How about Facebook?

Do you consider these social media platforms performing the same functions? The obvious answer is no, but that’s about to change.

We see LinkedIn as a professional job network, a place to network for B2B. LinkedIn has the highest average income of all social media platforms, all Fortune 500 companies have a presence on LinkedIn.

We see Facebook as a place to look at friend’s selfie’s, trips people have taken, generally what is going on in their personal life, and hopeful not post too many embarrassing photos.

As we know Facebook went public in 2013, and as a public company comes pressure to [Continue Reading…]


How Specialized Knowledge Leads to Social Media SuccessDo you possess general knowledge?

What about specialized knowledge of social media?

KNOWLEDGE will not attract money and success, unless it is organized, and intelligently directed, through practical PLANS OF ACTION, to the DEFINITE END of accumulation of money. Lack of understanding of this fact has been the source of confusion to millions of people who falsely believe that “knowledge is power.” It is nothing of the sort! Knowledge is only potential [Continue Reading…]


Social Media is Now Table StakesAre you in the Social Media Game?

Are you winning?

The stakes have been raised in Social Media Marketing for you and your brand. Gone are the days of sitting back and coasting. If you do, you’ll get run over. The pace of business is accelerating. Do you believe going forward it will be slower or faster?

Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of  maintaining that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE TO WIN, essential to success.


The world has become accustomed to [Continue Reading…]


Facebook Rooms Coming to a Home Near You

by Blair Evan Ball October 29, 2014

Are you familiar with the new Facebook app called “Rooms”? Is Rooms a response to Ello, and other networks that focus on privacy? It will be interesting to see if users can get over the fact that Rooms is a Facebook product, part of a company that’s not known for its protection of your anonymity. […]

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10 Habits of Character and Leadership in Social Media

by Blair Evan Ball October 22, 2014

What characteristics do you desire in leading your social media efforts? What if you reached your goals and objectives without the virtues and qualities that you most admire and aspire to? Would your victory lose some of it’s luster? “The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance […]

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How to Massively Increase Shares on Your Next Blog Post [Infographic]

by Blair Evan Ball October 17, 2014

Do you blog? If not, have you thought about blogging? Did you know that blogging can really move the needle for your business? Some of you may be asking what is blogging? Should I be doing this for my brand? WHAT IS BLOGGING According to Wikipedia, a blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is […]

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