How to Use Google’s New Photo Tool to Showcase Your Business

by Blair Evan Ball on February 27, 2015

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How would you like BETTER branding for your business?

Did you know that Google made a change that impacts businesses?

You’ve heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Google just came up with a way to showcase your business to entice more customers with photo tools.

Photos as you know are the number one engagement tool in Social Media. Photos can attract new customers to your business when they are browsing online.

Google is giving businesses more control of photos displayed with their search and map results, today announcing an update to the Google My Business product.

Just launched, you can tell us which image you’d like to appear when customers search for your business on Google. Just log in to Google My Business on the web or in the Android or iOS apps, and visit the Photos section. While you’re there, you can also give your business a fresh look online by updating your profile, logo and cover photos.

With these changes you can now specify which image you’d like to be displayed in Google’s search result. Previously, whatever was set as your business’s profile photo on Google+ would carry over into Google search. Now if you want one photo displayed in search, and a different one displayed on Google+, you have the option to do that.


Photos you add through Google My Business can be displayed on Google Search, Maps and Google+

The new photo interface walks business owners through six categories of images


From the identity section — the profile, logo and cover photos — a business manager can select which image he or she wants displayed on search and map results. Clicking the three vertical dots displays the dialogue box:


The dashboard includes explanatory hints for each category (sample: “Interior photos help your customers get a feel for the ambiance and decor of your business. Capture photos that truthfully show what it’s like to stand inside your business as a customer.”)


  • Showcase your business with photos from different times of day.
  • Photograph your exterior from different angles and be sure that all images are in focus and well lit.
  • Lousy photos will sink your business.


These are photos meant to help your customers see what you do day-to-day. Google suggests:

  • Capture photos of your team providing different types of service to customers.
  • Capture photos of the specialty services you deliver


This is the perfect time to highlight your team. This shows a more personal side to your business and makes it more approachable.

  • Take photos of them performing their duties
  • Get them in group settings
  • Team functions and events


This section is where all other previous photos have been uploaded will appear. To move these to the appropriate categories

  • Simply click and drag the photo and drop it into the appropriate category.



To take advantage of this new functionality, log in to your business’s profile and go to the Photos section. From there you can choose how you want your business to appear across the web.

Log in to Google My Business today to see suggestions of photos to add for your business.

In addition, Google has added an intuitive new feature that recommends types of photos to add based on your type of business. Abhishek Poddar, Google My Business Product Manager, explains:

We’ll also guide you through adding the best photos to show off what makes your business unique. For example, hotels will receive guidance for adding exterior, room and common space photos that show guests what to expect inside and out. Cafes and restaurants can get customers drooling over their latest food and drink and provide more details with a menu photo.

Check out Google’s help article for more details or the official blog post.

Google My Business launched last summer for businesses.


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