Content is the Oxygen for Social Media

by Blair Evan Ball October 29, 2015

Why content? Will producing content really make a difference in my business? Content marketing is defined as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” INFORMED CUSTOMER Buyer’s today are

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The Power of Why in Life and Business

by Blair Evan Ball October 23, 2015

  Do you know your WHY? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do? Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty? APPLE STARTS WITH “WHY” It is the core of their marketing and the driving force […]

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How Customers are Influenced by Online Reviews

by Blair Evan Ball October 13, 2015

How important are customer online reviews? Where do people go to read reviews? Do negative reviews impact a buyers decision on you and your business? As it turns out, reviews are very important. 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Google processed […]

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How to Market to the Always-On Consumer [Infographic]

by Blair Evan Ball September 28, 2015

Are things going to slow or speed up in the future? How are you going to Prepare yourself and business for this change? Today’s consumers seem to always be digitally connected, blurring the lines between work and play. To reach these always-on consumers, businesses must change their approach. Over the past fifteen years the retail […]

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[Infographic] How Visual Content Drives Massive Social Media Growth

by Blair Evan Ball September 22, 2015

Do you use images in your social media marketing? Do they inspire your fans to take action? Images are the hot thing right now in Visual social media marketing. In today’s noisy world, words aren’t enough to keep customers and prospects engaged these days, and visual content plays a major role in driving traffic to your […]

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Local Business Focusing on Content Marketing

by Blair Evan Ball September 17, 2015

What does content marketing really mean? Today’s savvy local businesses are breaking into content marketing, but is it enough? Yes, content marketing is definitely a buzzword. But all it really means is that custom content — that kind of tailored information that tells the real story of a local business — is what consumers really […]

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Facebook Wooing Small Business With Updated Pages

by Blair Evan Ball September 10, 2015

Have you heard that Facebook is changing Pages…again? How would you like to market your products and services better on Facebook? These changes are the biggest made to Pages since 2012. They build on Facebook’s recent announcement of new messaging capabilities for businesses and badges for companies that respond quickly. Today’s updates could make Facebook […]

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5 LinkedIn Best Practices [Infographic]

by Blair Evan Ball September 3, 2015

Why should you share content on LinkedIn? Will it make any difference at all? If you’re a professional with a valuable perspective to share, you have to find the social audience it will resonate with – the audience you can draw into your world and become that thought leader. It’s that perspective that makes you […]

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5 Ways to Market to Boomers and Millennials

by Blair Evan Ball August 28, 2015

Are there some similarities in marketing to different generations? What does this say about you and your age? Do you consume your content in the early morning? Or later in the evening? Millennials and Boomers consume content at different times of the day. Are you targeting the right audience with the right content? We’re in […]

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How Google’s Update is Impacting Local Search

by Blair Evan Ball August 21, 2015

Have you heard the big local SEO news? Does this change mean less visibility for your local business? Local SEO has seen the biggest shake-up since Google launched their first local algorithm, Pigeon, just over a year ago. A major change in Google’s local search happened on Thursday, August 6th — a new way of listing […]

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