Social Media is it Time to Hit the Reset Button

by Blair Evan Ball on January 31, 2014

Social Media Reset ButtonSocial Media continues to change and evolve, are you keeping up?

Are all the changes frustrating you?

Is Content really King?

Is Social Media living up to your expectations?

Gone are the days of set it and forget it. Business today operates globally and it doesn’t end at Five on Friday.

Sometimes it’s good to take a deep breath, take a step back and reassess. Time to hit the reset button.


You need to ask yourself why you are on Social Media at all.

  • Is it for personal reasons?
  • Is it for business reasons?
  • How many why’s do you have for doing Social Media?

Like anything in life, it’s a habit and the more why’s we have to do something, the more compelling and motivated we become.

Social Media Marketing is no different. Prepare for accelerated change and avalanche of information.


Most of us are good hard working people. Most of us have good intentions.

  • So what happens when good intentions fail?
  • Do we up and quit?
  • Do we evaluate where things went wrong and adjust?
  • Do we just coast?

Philosophers call cases where people fail to act in their own best interests weakness of will.  Clearly there is a serious gap between how people act and their intentions to lose weight, drink less, work more, and engage in other behaviors that they reflectively view as desirable.


Most of us attempting to do Social Media Marketing or anything we value in life, we are planning to fail. What… Really?

Yes, most of us do not have a plan, a goal, or an objective in doing Social Media, or anything else in our lives. We just post to post, and YES you will fail without a plan/strategy in the long run. Gone are the days of coasting in Social Media. Some sites like Facebook have come out with a press release saying if you have a business page, you will need to pay for ads to reach your audience. We just adjusted the NEWS FEED algorithm again and your reached has dropped dramatically. OUCH!!!

Businesses that get it are ramping up, and flat getting after it. They are lacing up their NIKE’S as you read this.

  • Will you be further ahead or further behind in three months with your current approach?

So what’s your NEW PLAN/STRATEGY?


Being intentional requires understanding that our attitudes, feelings, thoughts and actions (conscious and unconscious) directly impact every single one of our experiences.

  • What does it mean to be intentional?
  • Is it enough to mean well?
  • Does it require detailed planning and specific definition of desired outcomes?

Prepare1 | Be Intentional

Intentional living involves taking responsibility. It requires gaining clarity about what we want and who we are, owning what we say and choosing how we “show up” in all situations, and for how we want to contribute. How can you be more intentional when it comes to Social Media Marketing daily?

  • Requires refining your social media skills
  • Learning to choose to respond vs. react.
  • Step outside your comfort zone.

It’s simple, but rarely easy. Is it worth it? You get to decide.

  • Committed to it
  • Dedicated to it
  • Motivated to do it
  • Disciplined to do it
  • Responsible to do it


With the fast-paced world of inbound marketing and the requirement to publish new content frequently, setting deadlines is a must. Everyone is upping their game with creative content that they post daily to various Social Media sites.

  • Set a Deadline
  • Have an editorial calendar
  • Have a goal
  • Have a strategy
  • Have a theme or topic that resonates with your audience
  • Am I going to produce the content?
  • Is someone in my office going to produce the content?
  • Am I going to post any content at all?
  • Am I going to outsource?

One of the hardest parts of producing a ton of content is idea generation.  While even the most seasoned content creators often struggle with idea generation, they know just how to overcome it, finding inspiration anywhere and everywhere.


Southwest Airlines (LUV) shamelessly refuses to feed you a meal and transfer your bags, because that’s precisely what allows them to deliver cheap, frequent flights – the things their customers really want.

If Southwest tried to be great at everything, if it tried to be the low-price airline with a tricked-out, high-touch cabin experience that flew anywhere, the model wouldn’t work. The company would end up losing money while being mediocre at everything, which describes the trajectory of most of the major airlines.

Are you trying to play in too many Social Media Platforms? Not mastering any?

Pick 2-3 and become masters. Your choices are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogging, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, others?

Four Keys to Social Media Success

1. Listen

2. Add Value

3. Engage

4. Interact

 Should you consider hitting the Social Media RESET BUTTON?

The race is on, and you are in it.

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