10 Habits of Pro-Active People

by Blair Evan Ball on March 9, 2013

Getting run overThe world doesn’t sit still today. Changes and technology are moving at a faster pace than ever. Are you keeping? Are you resisting change?

  • Facebook changed again this week.
  • Google+ changes this week.
  • Daily demands keep changing.

If we are not Pro-Active daily in our lives, we risk getting run over.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Even if you didn’t get the education you wanted, your organization doesn’t recognize your outstanding abilities, and your spouse’s primary objective is to keep you humble, you and you alone are responsible for the eventual outcome of your life.

  • Do you find yourself under the gun?
  • Do you put off difficult assignments and duties?
  • Do you engage in busy-work, when you could be tackling important priorities?
  • Is your planner book full of goals that haven’t been met?
You have been given the greatest power in the world — The Power to Choose! Let’s explore how to be a more Pro-Active Person.

Here are Four different personalty types.

1. Victim – Inactive
2. Sustainer – Reactive
3. Dreamer – Preactive
4. Innovator – Proactive
You always move in the direction of your currently dominant thoughts.

Losers                              Winners

Failure-prone                    Success-prone

Accident-prone                 Performance-prone

Problem-prone                 Solution-prone

Distress-prone                  Eustress-prone

Illness-prone                     Wellness-prone

Key Points

1. Accepting personal responsibility for your attitudes and actions will give you positive self-determination.

2. We are emotional human beings. Our emotions sometimes seem to take control. Acknowledging this and understanding how to control your emotions will make life easier.

3. A motive is that which incites an individual to action.

4. Fear and desire are the two strongest motivational forces.

5. Fear is the powerful negative motivator that restricts, tightens, panics, forces and defeats.

6. Desire is the strong positive motivator that attracts, reaches, opens, directs and encourages.

7. Losers express built-in excuses by saying “I can’t” and “I have to,” instead of “I can’t ” and “I want to.”

8. Winners see the rewards of success in advance; they don’t fear the penalties of failure.

9. There is not such thing as a stress-free life. A life without stress would really be no life at all. Winners know how to respond positively to stress. They use it to their advantage, rather than being controlled by it.

10. Determine your fears and start to do the things you’re afraid to try. Knowledge and action are the best consequences of fear.

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