7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

by Blair Evan Ball on April 13, 2011


Social Media Marketing is changing the way small business as well as big business approach marketing. Waning are the days of interruptive marketing, and gaining momentum is engaged Social Media Marketing.

According to Michael Stelzner at Social Media Examiner…in their recent study they found 7 benefits of Social Media Marketing.

  1. 88% – Generated more exposure for their business.
  2. 72% – It increased traffic/subscribers.
  3. 62% – It improved search rankings.
  4. 56% – It resulted in new business partnerships.
  5. 51% – It resulted in more qualified leads.
  6. 49% – It resulted in less marketing costs.
  7. 43% –  It improved sales.

Social media is important for my business

A significant 90% of marketers said that social media was important to their businesses.
The self-employed (67%) and small business owners with 2 or more employees (66%) were more likely to strongly agree.

Social Media Important to Business

Improved sales

It takes time to develop relationships that lead to actual business. However, a large percentage of marketers who take the time find great results.
For example, 72% of marketers who have been using social media for more than 3 years report it had helped them close business. More than half who spend 11 or more hours per week find the same results.

The self-employed and small business owners with 2 or more employees most achieved this benefit (48%).

Social Media Time Spent

Social Media Weekly Hours

What other benefits are you getting from Social Media Marketing?

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