10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketers are Moving to Google+

by Blair Evan Ball on March 22, 2012

10 Reasons Why Marketers are Moving to Google+



If I were running a business, I would be thinking, “Why wait until I have to buy real estate in Hollywood? I should get in now and grab all of the followers I can before Google+ hits the mainstream.” Early adopters are gaining first mover advantage in the Social Media world of marketing.

  1. Google owns SEARCH. They control the direction of information.  
  2. Google introduced LIVE Search recently which shows the interaction between you and followers on Google+.
  3.  Google+ is now showing those results in Google, with a small thumbnail of your photograph.
  4. Marketers and businesses are staking their claim early before it hits the mainstream.
  5. Google+ is the fastest growing Social Network ever. Expected to hit 400 Million users by end of 2012.
  6. Video Chat with up to 10 people. FREE!
  7. Communicate only with people you put in Circles, which is a way of organizing your communications.
  8.  With Google+ Direct Connect, searchers can insert a “+” before their query and jump directly to a business’s Google+ page. Type “+YouTube” into a Google search box, for instance, and Google will take you straight to YouTube’s Plus page.
  9. The ability to edit posts, the more concise user interface and the quality of comments.
  10. Google is listening to people on Google+ and implementing positive changes weekly for business.


Here’s an example of social search (note the little avatar of a person’s head indicating a social search result.)

Google+ Live Search

Google+ Live Search

It means…
1) You want people to circle you so that when they search, they see your posts.
2) You should post about what you want your followers to know you for.

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