Thank You Zig Ziglar

by Blair Evan Ball on November 28, 2012

Thank You Zig!

Zig Ziglar Photo Memory

I first heard Zig Ziglar speak at a large rally in Houston, Texas. I became a big fan of him, his philosophy and humor that day. Since, I’ve listened to all his motivational tapes and CD’s over the years. Even though I’ve heard it a thousand times, it just keeps reinforcing the message, and picked me up when I was down.

As Zig use to say, when asked does motivation last? No, but neither does bathing. It is a habit, just like any one you will develop over the years. Repetition is the Mother of Learning.

  • Thank You for… See you at the top. If you continue to do these things, I will see you at the TOP!
  • Thank You for… Biscuits and Pump Handles. Never get cooked in the squat and keep on pumping.
  • Thank You for… Born to Win. Convincing so many when they did not believe in themselves that indeed they were born to win.
  • Thank You for… Courtship after marriage. The beautiful redhead will miss you!
  • Thank You for… Closing the Sale. Teaching so many that unless you close the sale, nothing else happens.
  • Thank You for… Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World. Giving hope to so many and accepting responsibility as parents to praise your children.
  •  Thank You for… Being such an inspiring, positive role model to people all over this globe.

Today, a piece of me died along with Zig. Certain dates and times we remember events in our lifetimes when they occurred. Today will be one of those days. Please share this and go to Zig Ziglar’s Facebook Page and write a note.

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