It’s Time to Get Off Someday I’ll…

by Blair Evan Ball on January 24, 2014

Someday IsleSomeday I’ll get started on my bucket list.

Someday I’ll get started setting goals.

Someday I’ll patch up those relationships with family members.

Someday I’ll change.

Someday I’ll…You fill in the _______________.

  • Are you the type of person who spends more time planning an upcoming vacation then you ever do planning your career?
  • Or are you the type of person who feels somewhere there’s an undiscovered treasure, and that “Someday you’ll…”
  • Do you look forward to the weekends so you can forget about doing whatever to earn a living and instead spend some time doing what you really enjoy?

A “YES” answer to any of these questions is a warning signal that you haven’t found a career that takes advantage of your natural gifts and talents.

Most people spend their entire lives on a fantasy island called “Someday I’ll.”

What’s YOUR ‘Someday Isle’?

  • Someday Isle’ is not a place it is a mindset.

I’m not talking about your dreams, we all need to dream, but there comes a point in ones life, maybe that point is today to take ACTION!



Preparing to Win

Take out a 3 X 5 card, state a goal in one sentence, as if has already been achieved!

  • Use the pronoun “I” and
  • Present tense verbs (am enjoying, am doing) and
  • Action Modifiers (easily, quickly, positively and/or
  • Use Emotional words (happily, enthusiastically, gladly
  • Goal

The Positive Statement should generate feelings of…

  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Happiness
  • Good Health
  • Good Relationships


1. Read your statement twice a day and see yourself having already reached your goal. All yourself to actually feel the emotions.

2. Two more times each day, visualize yourself having already achieved your goal!

In due time, your attitudes, actions and thoughts will become channeled in ways that enable you to reach your desired goal.

As each of your goals and objectives haven been reached, prepare another card with a new goal.

Let me share with you a poem by Dennis Waitley

There’s an Island fantasy
A “Someday I’ll” we’ll never see
When recession stops, inflation ceases
Our mortgage is paid, our pay increases
That Someday I’ll where problems end
Where every piece of mail is from a friend
Where all the nations can go it alone
Where we all retire at forty-one
Playing backgammon in the island sun
Most unhappy people look to tomorrow
To erase this day’s hardship and sorrow
They put happiness on lay-away
And struggle through a blue today
But happiness cannot be sought
It can’t be earned, it can’t be bought
Life’s most important revelation
Is that the journey means more than the destination
Happiness is where you are right now
Pushing a pencil or pushing a plow
Going to school or standing in line
Watching and waiting, or tasting the win
If you live in the past you become senile
If you live in the future you’re on Someday I’ll
The fear of results is procrastination
The joy of today is a celebration
You can save, you can slave, trudging mile after mile
But you’ll never set foot on your Someday I’ll
When you’ve paid all your dues and put in your time
Out of nowhere comes another Mt. Everest to climb
From this day forward make it your vow
Take Someday I’ll and make it your now!

Denis Waitley


The race is on, and you are in it.

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