[Study] How Will Businesses Change Their Social Media Activities

by Blair Evan Ball on June 3, 2014

Change AheadHave you changed with the times?

Has your business changed with the times?

Has it become more innovative or is it business as usual?

In a previous blog post I discussed what happens in an internet minute. One that stood out was 4 Million search’s done on Google. According to Pew research 97% will start a search looking for a product or service. So what makes you and your brand stand out to be found?

According to Social Media Examiner’s 6th annual study. I’ve been a participant in the study for the past few years.

They asked business marketers to indicate how they will change their social media use in the near future. Respondents were asked to indicate whether they will increase, decrease, remain the same or not utilize various social media channels.

#1: Blogging

Interesting that blogging was #4 back in the 2010 study, and today jumps to #1. I suspect the reason for this is that each time you publish a blog post, it’s a new webpage to the search engines. More content, you create the content, and you position yourself as the thought leader and expert.

B2B marketers are more likely (74%) to increase blogging activity compared to B2C marketers (63%).

Social Media plans to use Blogging#2: YouTube

YouTube has slipped to number 2 after holding first place position since 2011. More and more companies are getting comfortable with video. YouTube has added some amazing features like editing and royalty free music. These tools make it easier to edit and post video right from your smartphone.

Still a significant 67% of business marketers plan on increasing their YouTube marketing. Photos are still the #1 for engagement in Social Media. However, video is rapidly gaining.

Social Media plans to use YouTube#3: Twitter

Interesting that Twitter has moved from #5 in the previous year to #3 today. Twitter is an amazing social media platform that moves very quickly. The originator of the hashtag (#), #followed by a word or string of words allows you the user to filter ALL conversations around that particular topic.

News travels lighting fast on twitter. All happens in real time and a great way to connect. Businesses will use more.

Social Media plans to use Twitter

#4: LinkedIn

The powerhouse in Social Media in the B2B space. LinkedIn dwarfs Facebook which comes in #2 in B2B. Businesses are ramping up more on LinkedIn, and with their new Publishing platform (like a blog) are gaining ground rapidly.

Social media newcomers (72%) were more likely to increase their use of LinkedIn.

Social Media plans to use LinkedIn#5: Facebook

Facebook dropped from the #2 spot, just since last year. Part of it is due to the adoption as the largest social media platform. However a trend may be developing. Teens are leaving for Instagram and Snapchat, up and coming social sites. 7% of business marketers now plan on decreasing their use of Facebook.

Social Media plans to use Facebook

Another more significant development has occurred in the last six months. Businesses who have worked hard, spent money and time to develop LIKES are now seeing their organic reach plummet.

For example if you have 500 LIKES, when you post to your news feed, around 10 people or 2% will see it. OUCH!!! Message to business users, PAY TO PLAY. Small businesses do not have the budgets to continually advertise to reach customers they’ve already gained. It will be interesting to see what businesses will continue to do.

#6: Google+

Google+ is on the radar for many business marketers. Most businesses (61%) plan on increasing their Google+ activities (up from 53% in 2013), and slightly more than 1 in 5 have no plans to use Google+. It is possible that marketers who are decreasing their Facebook activities are increasing their Google+ activities.

Sixty-six percent of B2B marketers will increase Google+ activities, compared to 58% of B2C.

Social Media plans to use Google+

Here’s where I think businesses are missing the mark. Google is the #1 search engine, and people go to Google daily to search for products and services. Doesn’t it then make sense to have a Google+ Page where your search results are enhanced?

Let’s take it a step further. GOOGLE+ LOCAL, did you realize that Google has set aside a business local page for all businesses they have identified? Yet 99% of these pages are going unclaimed, being reviewed by individuals with the business owner having no idea this is going on.


Business Marketers plan on increasing their use of blogging (68%), YouTube (67%), Twitter (67%), LinkedIn (64%) and Facebook (64%), in that order.

A significant 85% said they have no plans to utilize Snapchat. Sixty-eight percent have no plans to utilize geo-location.

Businesses need to be very clear about their goals, objectives, strategies and tactics using these social media platforms. By the time you read this Facebook will have changed again. Change is inevitable with these social media platforms. They will come and go.

You need to remain flexible and adapt, yet be nimble enough to position your business appropriately.

Source: Social Media Examiner

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