Social Media is Not…

by Blair Evan Ball on May 19, 2011


Social Media continues to gather momentum, and is constantly changing, mostly for the better. However, we must not forget we are still in the:

  • People business.
  • It’s still about relationships.
  • It’s still about Trust.
  • It’s still about Loyalty.

These are just tools that help us connect with our community better, faster, if utilized properly.

Tools will change in the future. Realize these Social Networking sites/tools are less than 10 years old. It’s an incredible time to be in business or be a non-profit will these kind of tools to reach out to your audience. Internet now is the death of distance.

Social Media is Not…

  1. It’s not a short term fix.
  2. It won’t hide an inferior product.
  3. It won’t fix a poor business plan.
  4. It won’t correct bad customer service.

“Be the best.

It’s the only market that’s not crowded.”


Jack Nicholson

In the movie A Few Good Men, Jack says…

“You can’t handle the truth” . . . and it can be brutal and hurtful.

With Social Media Privacy will end.

Your competitors will be watching – and you should be watching them.

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