Social Media and the Trust Factor

by Blair Evan Ball on January 31, 2011

Social Media in recent years has presented some of the most interesting challenges regarding building and maintaining trust.

1.       Be transparent
Social Media has taken the control of a company’s message. No longer is it in the hands of the marketing, PR or sales department. It has shifted to the consumer. Companies that have chosen the path of Social Media and one of transparency have found they have gained brand evangelists.

2.      Information

Information your audience can access is usually out of your control. In today’s Internet environment consumers are accessing and generating content about your brand and your audience will often access that information faster and more readily than your official marketing materials you have so carefully released. Deliver on your promise will allow customers to continue to have faith.

3.       Sense of ownership

When it comes to Social Media, the community owns the content. People believe their opinions and experiences matter and add value to online content.
Loyalty is developed by your audience continuing to come back.

4.       Personal Information

Less is more when it comes to asking. Far too often we find companies getting carried away with asking for too much personal information.

5.       Privacy

Facebook actions from time to time have given pause to their lax approach to privacy. If left unchecked you will see regulation to deal with it if is not taken seriously. Pay close attention to your privacy settings. I’ve included detailed instructions in my e-book.

Most consumers will likely trust a company if they feel that the company understands them and their needs and meets the criteria above.

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