How Social Media is Transforming into Social Business

by Blair Evan Ball on November 22, 2013

Social Media ContentDid Facebook exist 10 years ago? Google+ five years ago?

What has transpired with you and your business in the last five years? Ten years?

Has Social Media played a role?

Businesses are now moving beyond a Facebook page, a twitter account, a YouTube account, and Google+. More employees are getting involved in the company role of Social Media. Social Media is incorporated into more and more businesses as part of their everyday workflow and culture.

What is the most important element of a strong social strategy?

Most businesses do not have a Social Media strategy and 76% will fail according to Pew Research. That’s the harsh reality.

Businesses are off loading Social Media to interns, and relatives more than most would admit. Nothing wrong with that, however most do not have the business experience to tie Social Media – Social Business to the companies goals and objectives. Sure Social Media is fun, and moves quickly, but does it help you and your business achieve the goals and revenues you come to expect?


One of the key elements of a strong Social Media strategy is the culture behind it. Is the leader behind Social Media -Social Business? How committed are they to sharing, engaging and collaboration?

Where will Social Media – Social Business be in five years? Most businesses will have integrated it, just like they have email and the internet. It will be part of everyday business. So, how will you keep up? How will your employees keep up?

According to recent research, the #1 need in Social Media is training and education.

You’ll see better analytic tools being utilized, you’ll have more customer centric data to fine tune your marketing specifically for them. More employees will play a role in promoting and engaging your brand. Example today: Zappos – sells mainly clothing and shoes, has over 1000+ employees and everyone has a Twitter account. ALL providing customer service and brand marketing.

We’re seeing social being effectively utilized within marketing, sales and IT. But there’s so much more potential for businesses that you will continue to see moving forward.

Commitment and Consistency

A business who is consistently engaging and providing content via Social Media will be far ahead of their competition who either hasn’t started or is not as consistent. Suppose your competition starting today has 3 months, 6 months, 1 year ahead of you in Social Media – Social Business…How will you catch up, if you don’t even have the time today?

  • The #1 excuse of individuals and businesses is the lack of time. Granted it is a challenge. When the internet and email came along the excuse was, we don’t have TIME! We adopted…why? Because it became a necessity and we made it a PRIORITY!
  • Sometimes it’s not a time issue but a Priority issue.

Fast forward to today…I think most would agree that the speed of change is faster today than two years ago. Right? Will it slow down going forward or speed up? Most would say it is speeding up. The successful businesses and individuals will embrace this pace of change, develop new skills, continue to learn, study and grow. The ones that don’t get this will fall further and further behind and most will never catch up.

Social Media ROI

NOW is the time to make that commitment, it’s revolutionizing the way business is conducted, marketed, and engaging.

Are you Flexible

Are you clear about your goals and objectives? In today’s fast paced world, you and your team must be FLEXIBLE to change and adapt. Like most we are creatures of habit and continue down the same path until something shocks us into reality. Sometimes it’s disruptive technology. Sometimes it’s a competitor introducing a new product or service.

  • Until the PAIN becomes great enough ACTION will Not OCCUR.

You can choose to be proactive or be reactive. Consider the consequences.

Tell Your Story

Social Media is all about placing value in the content, but along with the content, try to have an authentic voice. With the fast-paced world of inbound marketing and the requirement to publish new content frequently, setting deadlines is a must.

  • Setting deadlines elicits a sense of urgency and helps you and your contributors manage time and get stuff done.
  • Smart marketing content creators also know that they need to take off their marketing hat and step into the customers shoes.
  • Content creators that stand out are those who keep their ideal customer(s) in mind as they create every piece of content. They stick to addressing the needs, wants, and problems of their best customers to create content that truly caters to the right audience for their products/services.

Social media isn’t just for live tweeting award shows and reality shows—it’s an influential and cost-efficient tool that entrepreneurs can use for growth, innovation, and customer service.

How will you tell your story with content?

Going forward…How will you transform YOU and YOUR BUSINESS?

The race is on, and you are in it.



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How Businesses Can Leverage the New Facebook Graph Search

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