Social Media Meets Time Poverty

by Blair Evan Ball on October 28, 2011

As the pace of Social Media change continues to accelerate, we need to be more focused and results driven. Sometimes it seems that we do not have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. Each of us is given 24 hours a day, but why is it that some people seem to get more done?

Time Fly's

One main difference between highly effective people and people who seem to produce very little is…

  • Top performers always focus on outputs or results.
  • Top performers focus on accomplishments.
  • Average performers focus on inputs.
  • Medium or low performers focus on activities.

Increasing Your Sense of Control

Over the years, psychologists have done extensive research in the area of what is called ‘‘locus of control.’’ They have discovered that you feel positive about yourself and your life to the degree to which you feel in charge of your life; you have an ‘‘internal’’ locus of control. With an internal locus of control, you feel that your life is in your own hands. You make your own decisions, and you are responsible for your own actions and outcomes. You are the primary creative force in your own life. You will have more energy and less stress as you practice these ideas.

Take Control of Your Time and Your Life

One of the keys to developing a stronger internal locus of control is to manage your time and your life better. The more skilled you become at managing your time, the happier and more confident you will feel. You will have a stronger sense of personal power. You will feel in charge of your own destiny. You will have a greater sense of well-being. You will be more positive and personable.

Your Self-Esteem Determines Your Life

Three Self-Esteem Builders
There are three additional factors that affect your self-esteem that
have to do with time management.

These are:
1. Determining your values
2. Striving for mastery
3. Knowing what you want

The Key to Peak Performance

The flip side of self-esteem is called self-efficacy. This is defined as how effective you feel you are at doing or accomplishing a task or job. When you feel that you are really good at something, you experience positive feelings of self-efficacy.
One of the greatest discoveries in psychology was the uncovering of the connection between self-esteem and self-efficacy. Now we know that the more you like yourself, the better you do at almost anything you attempt. And the better you do at something, the more you like yourself. Self-esteem and self-efficacy feed on and reinforce each other. This finding is what makes time management so important for every part of your life. The better you use your time, the more you get done and the higher is your sense of self-efficacy. As a result, you like yourself more, do even higher-quality work, and get even more done. Your whole life improves.

The efficiency you will gain, will pay big dividends for you in your daily business, including being more productive at Social Media Marketing, leaving you the opportunity to expand your Social Media efforts.

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