Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers

by Blair Evan Ball on February 23, 2011

Danny Smith is a good friend of mine and he is my Guest Blogger. He is the Founder of RP2 Development. A consulting company utilizing Assessments to match the right person with the right job.

What is your biggest challenge?

If businesses managed their money as carelessly
as they manage their people, most would be bankrupt.

Bill Conaty and Ram Charan

Most people say their biggest challenge has something to do with people. Conaty and Charan point out in their excellent book, Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers, that it’s been proven over and over again that the companies that invest in the analytics, measurements and improvement of their people are the companies that get the best results year after year.

What is your biggest challenge? Answers I’ve gotten recently to this question include time management, more sales, attitudes, what to focus on, new discoveries about workers, better customer service, prospecting. Some have answered my questions with questions; How do I insure I’m getting the right talent? What do I do after measuring? How do I measure accurately? Does a real people strategy work or is it just luck?

RP2 Development’s mission statement includes the phrase make a difference and like any good mission statement we measure ours.

Some ways RP2 can make a difference are:

  • Educating our blog readers on requested subjects
    • improving your ability to perform on your path
    • trust matters
    • sales; everyone sells and how that’s done well from where you sit in your organization
    • preparing you and/or your people for the path
  • Consulting, Equipping and Coaching
  • Tools; assessments, surveys and evaluations
    • Job-Fit Assessments
    • Career Path Assessments
    • Temperaments Surveys and Assessments
    • Sales and Marketing Evaluation
    • Performance Assessments and Surveys
    • Exit Interview Surveys
    • Customer Service Assessments
    • Employee Climate Survey
    • 360 Surveys
    • and more

I know my own self-management is important and most people say managing their people well is even crucial. Yet few understand the analytics, matching people to the proper job and providing the proper training to do the job well.

An example is how well were you trained in basic management and leadership techniques with your present position? Have you promoted someone recently that isn’t performing well? What is challenging you and your organization right now? Would better skills, attitudes, knowledge and styles from yourself and/or your people help?

What is your biggest challenge?

RP2 has an ideal client; an individuals or company that wants to help improve their “people” results.

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Blessings and remember; know what your selling, who your customer is, and never stop prospecting!

Danny Smith

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