Preparing to Fail

by Blair Evan Ball on September 29, 2010

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” –
Benjamin Franklin

Each of us has 168 hours a week to plan, prepare, and execute. The pace has quickened, the load has increased, the pressure to perform is daunting. How do you plan to compete?

We all see it every day in our business lives. Leaders that don’t lead, are not prepared to lead, and do not prepare their employees to thrive in this competitive business climate.

In visiting the other day with a CEO here in town, his comment to me, the business runs on autopilot and we don’t need Social Media Marketing. You’ve got to be kidding me…right? What kind of leadership is this?  Business runs on autopilot…what business in this competitive environment does that? If I were an employee, what would I think if I heard those words?

Today we’ve entered into a new marketing shift in Corporate America. It’s called Social Media. Will it replace the old tried and true marketing? Time will tell. One thing is certain; it is having a tremendous impact in a short period of time.

At no other point in our history can Small Business compete now with big companies in the advertising space. Social Media Marketing is free, other than the time investment. What an opportunity to brand you, and your company.

The longer you wait to get on board with Social Media Marketing, the further ahead will be your competition. These are exciting times, failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Let me know your comments. Are you embracing Social Media Marketing? If so, why? Think it is a fad that will fade away?

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