Prepare for the Social Media Revolution

by Blair Evan Ball on November 30, 2010

Social Media, Web 2.0 are you prepared for this revolutionary way of marketing and communicating? If not, you are falling further behind your competition according to Harvard Business Review which states, it is a wave that is unstoppable.

Business is moving fast, and the Internet never sleeps.

This is not a fad…it is revolutionizing the way we market, communicate and engage with our customers.

As individuals, are you using Social Media and it’s tools to BRAND yourself?

Use Social Media to stand out in the crowd and not get lost in the masses.

Social Media Branding

Universal Laws of Social Media

  • Listen first, Sell Second.
  • Provide relevant information.
  • Always be transparent and show candor.
  • We no longer talk TO customers. We ENGAGE them in conversation.
  • Address positive – and negative comments. (Happy customers become Evangelists).
  • Establish a powerful CTA, Call to Action.
  • Be Flexible.
  • Practice Reciprocity.

WOM – World of Mouth…your reach is now Global.

Watch this powerful video on Social Media it’s impact on business, marketing and the way we engage!

Let me know your thoughts. What do you consider to be some of the Universal Laws of Social Media?

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