How B2B Businesses Choose Social Media Content

by Blair Evan Ball June 24, 2016

Share Tweet Share4 +1 Stumble PinShares 4 Which content offers does your organization ask its audience to subscribe to? What are the businesses who say they are effective doing differently from the rest of us? “What is the single most effective content marketing tactic or strategy for B2B companies and why?” Content marketing used to be a secret […]

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How Brands are Evolving for this Generation

by Blair Evan Ball June 17, 2016

Share Tweet Share6 +1 Stumble PinShares 6 How do people feel about your business compared to how they feel about your competitors? What types of emotions are engendered when customers and prospects think about you or your company? Social media marketing has been around a long time, but it has only recently been experiencing an explosion […]

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Social Media Platforms Businesses Want To Learn More About

by Blair Evan Ball June 10, 2016

Share Tweet Share7 +1 Stumble PinShares 7 Have you stopped learning and growing? Sometimes do you feel it’s too much effort? Do you feel like your falling behind? Social Media is an ingrained part of today’s society. Businesses and individuals  are constantly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media has changed the way people […]

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8 Trends Shaping Your Business

by Blair Evan Ball June 3, 2016

Share Tweet Share3 +1 Stumble PinShares 3 What are the trends right now? How will they impact me? How can I be prepared? Venture capitalist Mary Meeker, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, released her highly anticipated annual report tracking the hottest trends in technology and the internet. This year, Meeker’s report showed that […]

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7 Steps to Breaking Bad Habits

by Blair Evan Ball May 27, 2016

Share Tweet Share7 +1 Stumble PinShares 7 Do you have any bad habits? Would you like to break some of these bad habits? All of us from time to time find it hard to break or replace bad habits with good habits. Perhaps the most important discovery in the fields of psychology and success is […]

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How Social Media is Changing in the Future [Infographic]

by Blair Evan Ball May 20, 2016

Share Tweet Share19 +1 Stumble PinShares 19 Did you realize there is a big change happening in Social Media? Are you amazed at how much social media has changed over the last few years? Want to discover what’s next? Social Media is driving consumer spending. Social Video is the new front door—brands are investing in […]

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Why Products and Services Catch On

by Blair Evan Ball May 13, 2016

Share Tweet Share7 +1 Stumble PinShares 7 Why do Products, Ideas and Behaviors Catch On? Why do some products, ideas and behaviors succeed when others fail? How has the Korean pop star Psy’s wack video, “Gangnam Style,” managed to rack up more than 2.5+ billion views on YouTube? Humans are social animals, and sharing connects us with […]

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How To Be Found Online In a Noisy World

by Blair Evan Ball May 6, 2016

Share Tweet Share +1 Stumble PinShares 0 Is it harder to be noticed in today’s internet world? Is it possible to rise above the noise and get noticed? According to a study conducted by IBM in the last couple of years, we process more information in one year than our forefather’s did in their lifetime. […]

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Facebook Live: What Businesses Need To Know

by Blair Evan Ball April 29, 2016

Share Tweet Share9 +1 Stumble PinShares 9 Have you heard of Facebook Live video? Did you know that Facebook Live is now being used by business all across the country right now? Video is overtaking photos as the #1 Engagement tool on the internet, are you ready to learn more about Facebook Live? Facebook has never […]

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