What Do I Want to Be

by Blair Evan Ball September 13, 2013

When was the last time you asked yourself, WHAT DO I WANT TO BE? What do I stand for? Does my work matter? Am I making a difference? DO SOMETHING! GET ON WITH “IT.” WELCOME TO THE AGE… if you’re smart…of BRAND YOU! Technology is moving at a pace that is breathtaking. Daily business owners […]

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How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

by Blair Evan Ball September 6, 2013

Have you had the feeling of “I can’t” when you attempt to do something new? Did this feeling of “I can’t” hold you back from accomplishing your goals and dreams? Is it limiting you today? If so, you are not alone. All things are habits and habits can be replaced, that’s the good news. In […]

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Social Media Marketing to Six Generations

by Blair Evan Ball August 30, 2013

What’s the Future of Your Business in an Internet and Social Media World? How does it affect you personally? Professionally? How do you stay relevant and competitive?   How do you market to six generations, all with different needs? Generational lines are blurring and a new era of the connected consumer – Generation C – […]

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How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

by Blair Evan Ball August 23, 2013

The Law of Belief says that, “Whatever you believe, with conviction, becomes your reality.” “According to your faith, it is done unto you.” “As a man thinketh, in his heart (his beliefs), so is he.” William James of Harvard wrote, “Belief creates the actual fact.”   Self-limiting beliefs, are the worst of all beliefs. The […]

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How to Revive Your Imagination

by Blair Evan Ball August 16, 2013

Do you still practice imagination? Do you feel that imagination is for young children only? Ideas are the beginning of all fortunes. Every great success started with the seed of an idea. Many people have some great ideas, however lack the discipline, drive and determination for that idea to bear fruit. What idea or ideas […]

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Facebook Changes News Feed Again

by Blair Evan Ball August 8, 2013

Did you know that Facebook changed the News Feed again? Did you know that around 20% of what you post on Facebook is seen in other people’s News Feed? Do you think the Facebook News Feed redesign resembles Google+? The average user’s News Feed has around 1,500 possible stories filtered through per day. One of […]

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Why are Some People More Successful Than Others

by Blair Evan Ball August 2, 2013

Have you ever asked yourself this question? What answers did you get? Have you researched why? The Powerful Question Why are some people are more successful than others? Everything counts!   Since birth your choices, habits, actions and beliefs have played the major role on the stage of your life. Does life throw everyone curve […]

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How Facebook Graph Search is Affecting Your Privacy

by Blair Evan Ball July 26, 2013

  How private is your information now with Facebook’s Graph Search? Facebook officially rolled this out within the past two weeks, and is now out of beta for all users. Think of the new Facebook Graph Search as a search engine inside of Facebook, all tied to the data of every user’s personal profile or […]

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Are You a Thermostat or Thermometer in Business and Life

by Blair Evan Ball July 19, 2013

Are you a Thermostat or a Thermometer? According to Wikipedia a thermometer (from the Greek θερμός, thermos, meaning “hot” and μἐτρον, metron, “measure”) is a device that measures temperature or temperature gradient using a variety of different principles. According to Wikipedia a thermostat is a component of a control system which senses the temperature of […]

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Google Plus, 7 Reasons to Get on Google+ Today

by Blair Evan Ball July 12, 2013

Are you using Google+ as part of your Social Media Marketing? Have you heard of Google+ Local for storefront businesses? While not receiving  a lot of media attention, Google+ has surpassed all Social Media Sites in terms of users except for Facebook. Google+ now has more than 500 million registered users and 343 million active […]

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