Hottest SEO Trends to Watch [Infographic]

by Blair Evan Ball March 28, 2014

How do potential new customers find you on the web? Do you have a great website, but no traffic? Are your marketing efforts geared towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Is your website optimized for the search engines? If you’ve been ignoring SEO in favor of other marketing efforts, it may be time to change your […]

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Has Your Business Outlived it’s Relevancy?

by Blair Evan Ball March 21, 2014

What has happened to Sears over the years? Once the #1 retailer in the world. What about J.C. Penney? Founded in 1902, how relevant are they today? Companies today rise and fall…Some faster than others. WHY? In this dynamic world – everybody suffers but staying strong and relevant is important for enduring competition and surviving. […]

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Brand Now if You Want to Survive

by Blair Evan Ball March 14, 2014

What does all this media stuff and content mean for me and my business? Branding, what’s this all about? Why are people now talking about content and content curation? How has branding changed for you and your company?   A couple of years ago I realized I was no longer a person but a brand […]

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The Determinant of High Performance

by Blair Evan Ball March 6, 2014

Are you a high performer? Do you know any low performers? Do you know what the main difference is between the two? The only difference between the high performers and the low performers is their habits. High performing, successful, happy men and women are those who have taken the time and disciplined themselves to develop the habits […]

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Facebook Latest Newsfeed Tweak Rewards Brands

by Blair Evan Ball February 28, 2014

How do I get people other than friends or Mom to LIKE or follow my Facebook Page? Do you find it harder to reach your fans in the news feed? Are you finding that you might have to pay for ads to reach those same business fans? Well, there’s hope…at least for now. Facebook tweaked […]

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Small Business Owners Turning to Social Media

by Blair Evan Ball February 20, 2014

Is your business on Social Media? Are you using it effectively? Are your strategies working? Social Media has gone from being a luxury to a necessity in business. Yet 76% will fail at Social Media according to recent statistics. The #1 reason for failure, not having a clear strategy that you execute, and then tying […]

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Facebook Turns 10… What’s the Future?

by Blair Evan Ball February 7, 2014

Did you realize that Facebook turned 10 on Feb. 4th? How did Facebook get started? Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The founders had initially limited the website’s membership to Harvard students, but […]

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Social Media is it Time to Hit the Reset Button

by Blair Evan Ball January 31, 2014

Social Media continues to change and evolve, are you keeping up? Are all the changes frustrating you? Is Content really King? Is Social Media living up to your expectations? Gone are the days of set it and forget it. Business today operates globally and it doesn’t end at Five on Friday. Sometimes it’s good to […]

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It’s Time to Get Off Someday I’ll…

by Blair Evan Ball January 24, 2014

Someday I’ll get started on my bucket list. Someday I’ll get started setting goals. Someday I’ll patch up those relationships with family members. Someday I’ll change. Someday I’ll…You fill in the _______________. Are you the type of person who spends more time planning an upcoming vacation then you ever do planning your career? Or are […]

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