Organic Reach Surpassing All Other Methods for Website Traffic

by Blair Evan Ball October 2, 2014

Share Tweet Share7 +1 Stumble PinShares 7Would you like more traffic to your website? How would you like more brand awareness that attracts new clients? Your next customer could be a click away! CUSTOMERS ARE LOOKING FOR YOU 93% of people today are searching the internet for a product or service. How will you be […]

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How to Showcase Your Brand With LinkedIn Publisher

by Blair Evan Ball September 25, 2014

Share Tweet Share +1 Stumble PinShares 0Have you tried LinkedIn Publishing to gain more exposure? Would you like more business people to see what you publish? Top influencers like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins are already publishing on LinkedIn, so people are seeking out content on the platform to read. This cannot be said about […]

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Is it Halftime for You in Social Media

by Blair Evan Ball September 19, 2014

Share Tweet Share +1 Stumble PinShares 0Are you needing to regroup with your Social Media Strategy? Do you need to play more offense? In the field of battle in sports, defensive usually wins. However, in Social Media Marketing…Offense Wins. Like most sports teams, they adjust at halftime whether they are winning or losing. Always striving […]

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The Six Things You Need to Know to Make Your Voice Heard

by Blair Evan Ball September 16, 2014

Share Tweet Share9 +1 Stumble PinShares 9What strategies are you using to create brand awareness? How would you like your fans to find you and spread the word? What does your Social Media footprint convey to your audience? When people share your stories, products or campaigns with their friends, they’re giving it their stamp of […]

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Twitter Launching Buy Button for Commerce

by Blair Evan Ball September 9, 2014

Share Tweet Share +1 Stumble PinShares 0Would you click on a buy button on Twitter? Would your business use a buy button to sell on Twitter? Shortly before Twitter went public a year ago, Twitter poached former Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard to head e-commerce. This will be their first major e-commerce initiative. Billions of dollars […]

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The Disconnect Between Brands & Social Media Customer Service

by Blair Evan Ball September 5, 2014

Share Tweet Share12 +1 Stumble PinShares 12How do you handle customer service issues on social? Are you prepared to respond fast? Do you have a strategy around the different social media platforms to respond? Customer service via social media channels has become self evident, especially in B2C industries with high volumes of contact. It’s become […]

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The Science Behind Sharing on Social Media [Infographic]

by Blair Evan Ball September 3, 2014

Share Tweet Share24 +1 Stumble PinShares 24Do you share on social media? Is it working for you? The web is a crowded place, with millions of articles being shared every day on social media. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the types of content that resonate with readers the most? What motivates people to share? […]

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7 Local SEO Strategies for Business

by Blair Evan Ball August 27, 2014

Share Tweet Share17 +1 Stumble PinShares 17Do you know much about local SEO? Did you realize 93% of people search the internet mostly  on mobile for local business products and services? Are you showing up in search on page 1? Would you like higher search rankings? Local SEO is now more important than ever, especially […]

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16 Tips for Creating Better Content

by Blair Evan Ball August 22, 2014

Share Tweet Share5 +1 Stumble PinShares 5Do you struggle with content? Do you know where to get compelling content? Is your content worthy of sharing? We’ve all been there — you hit publish on a blog post, status update on Facebook, tweet this on twitter and expect the social shares, page views, retweets and agreeable […]

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