Social Media Marketing Training

by Blair Evan Ball

One of the ways we impact you and your business is through a series of hands on workshops. This helps you develop the knowledge around these platforms and gets you started in the right direction or gives you pause to correct if you have already launched.

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  • Facebook for Business Made Easy
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  • YouTube for Business Made Easy
  • SEO for Business Made Easy
  • Blogging for Business Made Easy
  • Pinterest for Business Made Easy

Research shows that 76% of all businesses involved in social media do not have a strategic plan. Without a road map you’ll end up wasting a great deal of time, and get very frustrated.

We’ve developed a comprehensive questionnaire to guide you and narrow down what your goals and objectives are for social media. We compile your information into a strategic plan customized for you. This strategic plan includes actionable steps for you and your business. 

Now, let us be your coach as we guide you and your staff through the social media maze.

Have a plan of your own? We’ll evaluate your plan, answer your questions and guide you to achievements you never thought possible with social media.

Individual or Small Group Coaching

Social Media Marketing covers a lot of ground.

You have more questions than a small amount of time will provide. And you don’t want to waste effort haphazardly searching the web for answers to questions that will still leave you scratching your head.

Or you have a small group with various assignments and priorities who need knowledge and training on social media marketing and optimization.

  • This three-hour (two 1.5-hour sessions) will help you or a small group understand your social media marketing plan, uncover the how-to’s, tips and tricks with real answers from real experts on marketing within social networks.

Corporate Training and Coaching

Sometimes the best way to train is to sit down with hands-on coaching and training. Our Corporate Coaching & Training package is a perfect fit for the company that understands the need to have a team with unified knowledge and training for effective branding and communications on the Internet.

Gather personnel from your operations, customer service, sales and marketing departments for an in-house, full or half-day training on implementing your social media strategy correctly, efficiently and effectively across multiple departments. Learn how to set-up and implement an effective corporate social media policy that works and build that buzz…the right way!

This Corporate Coaching & Training package can be tailored to your needs.

Blair Ball

Blair Evan Ball

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