Google+ Pages Now Open for Business

by Blair Evan Ball on November 9, 2011

Google+ Pages Now Welcome Businesses

Now businesses are being welcomed in, through the new Google+ Pages program which rolled out on Monday November the 7th.

5 Cool Tips from Google – What You Should Know About Google+ Pages

1. You Can +1 a Page to Show Support or Add Them to Your Circles

We know you love some brands and businesses. Others you may want to show a quick note of support, but not see all their updates. So just drop a little +1 and keep going, or add a page to any circle you want. You’re in control.

2. No Google+ Page Can Follow You Until You Follow Them

We want Google+ to be a place you love to share. Pages cannot circle you until you follow them first. Of course, if you are in their circles, they can share great deals, exclusive coupons, product tips and hangouts, but the relationship is yours to start.

3. In Fact, Google+ Pages Can’t Even Mention You Unless You’re Connected

That’s right. The +Google+ page can’t even say your name unless you’re following. No +mention spam.

4. Google+ Pages Automatically Unfollow You If You Unfollow Them

If you remove a Google+ Page from your circles, you are automatically removed from their circles. You always are in charge.

5. You Can Find Google+ Pages In Google Search

With a new feature we call Direct Connect, just type + followed by the brand name in Google Search, and you can see pages automatically display. Type +Pepsi to see Pepsi, and +Dell for Dell. It’s that easy.

This is powerful for pages.

Creating A Google+ Page

Here are the five categories you will need to choose from to setup your Brand Page. Once chosen, there are sub-categories you will need to choose as well.

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other
Google+ Create a Page

Google+ Create a Page

At first, whoever creates the page initially will also be the page administrator. No one else will be able to admin that page after them, at first. Nor can that page be transferred to someone else.

Multiple administrator support is promised in the near future.

“Google+ Acting” Like A Page

Similar to Facebook, even though you’ll access your page through a personal account, you’ll have the ability to choose whether you want to act as yourself or the business page, when on Google Plus.

You can do many of the same things that a personal account can do, including:

  • Share photos
  • Share videos
  • Share links
  • Conduct Hangouts

Businesses Already With Pages

A small number of businesses were initially allowed to create pages early, which include:

Several businesses have created Pages within the past two days. Some already have 15K+ followers.

Google has set up a short video about the new pages.

With the potential for SEO – Search Engine Optimization with Google and now Google+, small business’s need to being an early adopter. First mover advantage will pay dividends down the road. Google+ just like Facebook will continue to provide new and exciting features making it better for all.

Will you wait? Or are you jumping on board?

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