Facebook Latest Newsfeed Tweak Rewards Brands

by Blair Evan Ball on February 28, 2014

Facebook LikeHow do I get people other than friends or Mom to LIKE or follow my Facebook Page?

Do you find it harder to reach your fans in the news feed?

Are you finding that you might have to pay for ads to reach those same business fans?

Well, there’s hope…at least for now.

Facebook tweaked their news feed algorithm again this week. This particular tweak has the potential for particularly small brands to have a further reach. How?


This feature has been in existence for awhile on personal profiles. If you tag someone in a photo, for example, their friends may see that photo in News Feed even if you are not connected to them.

On February 24, Facebook announced that they’ll be rewarding brands that tag other brands in their updates by potentially showing that update to not just your own page’s fans and followers — but the tagged brand’s fans and followers, too.

A Page post that tags Starbucks could appear in front of thousands, if not millions of additional users. (Starbucks has more than 36 million users who have Liked its Page.) To tag another brand start typing in your status update, and use the @symbol. Choose the brand you are looking for, click on it, and it will put a link to that brand in your status update!


Facebook StarbucksThe new algorithm will take into account which users are engaging with content to determine if it is relevant for fans of both the Page that posted it, and the Page that was tagged. The new feature only works between Pages, meaning the typical user could not expand his audience by tagging a Page when posting.

Business brands need to be flexible and adjust their strategies accordingly, monitor, track and see what works. Continue to refine your strategy until you find the results you are looking for.

As much as we don’t like change, we do seem to love innovation. Think for a moment if Apple, Facebook or other companies stopped innovating, where would we be? If they didn’t change, where would they be?

The race is on, and you are in it.

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