4 Laws of Emotion That Influence You

by Blair Evan Ball on January 9, 2015

4 Laws of Emotion-Prepare1 ImageDo you desire winning more than you fear failure?

Do you engage in busy-work when you could be tackling important priorities?

Do you put off learning a new skill or social media tool to market you and your business?

Do your to-do lists stay filled with many things that have yet to be done?

The Law of Emotion states that 100 percent of your decisions and subsequent actions are based on emotion. You are not largely emotional, or 90 percent emotional and 10 percent logical, as has been assumed. You are completely emotional. Everything you do is based on an emotion of some kind.

“What you are emotionally is what you are!” may be too strong a statement to be true, but it’s close.

We are all such emotional creatures that our emotions can influence every area of lives – for good or bad. Consider the power of emotion to influence the other three most important areas of life.

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Will


Make it a habit to continually repeat to yourself the words, “I am responsible!”

Whenever you feel angry or frustrated about some person or situation, immediately cancel this thought and feeling by saying “I am responsible!”

Emotionally, it is impossible to accept responsibility and to remain angry. When you accept responsibility, you relax and your mind clears. You become more focused and effective. When you take complete responsibility, like putting both hands on the wheel of your own life, you feel in charge. You feel like a master of your own destiny. The habit of taking responsibility unlocks your mental powers and makes you a more positive and optimistic person. It characterizes you as a true leader.

So the next time Facebook moves a button, changes the NEWS FEED for the umpteenth time…remember you are responsible. See how these 5 Golden Rules of Social Media apply to your emotions and your business.

There are only two main categories of emotions: DESIRE or FEAR. Most what you do, or don’t do, is determined by one or the other. Your thoughts control your emotions.


The more you desire something the more likely you will attract that into your life. Will your desire outweigh you fear? How strong is your desire? How badly do you want it?

What do you desire?

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Stuff
  • Success
  • Travel
  • Freedom from worry

WHEN Edwin C. Barnes climbed down from the freight train in Orange, N. J., he may have resembled a tramp, but his thoughts were those of a king!


As he made his way from the railroad tracks to Thomas A. Edison’s office, his mind was at work. He saw himself standing in Edison’s presence. He heard himself asking Mr. Edison for an opportunity to carry out the one CONSUMING OBSESSION OF HIS LIFE, a BURNING DESIRE to become the business associate of the great inventor.

Barnes’ desire was not a hope! It was not a wish! It was a keen, pulsating DESIRE, which transcended everything else. It was DEFINITE.

The desire was not new when he approached Edison. It had been Barnes’ dominating desire for a long time. In the beginning, when the desire first appeared in his mind, it may have been, probably was, only a wish, but it was no mere wish when he appeared before Edison with it.

A few years later, Edwin C. Barnes again stood before Edison, in the same office where he first met the inventor. This time his DESIRE had been translated into reality. He was in business with Edison. The dominating DREAM OF HIS LIFE had become a reality.

Barnes succeeded because he chose a definite goal, placed all his energy, all his will power, all his effort, everything back of that goal. He did not become the partner of Edison the day he arrived.

He was content to start in the most menial work, as long as it provided an opportunity to take even one step toward his cherished goal. Some five years later he was a partner with Thomas A. Edison.

It is a remarkable illustration of the power of a DEFINITE DESIRE. Barnes won his goal, because he wanted to be a business associate of Mr. Edison, more than he wanted anything else. He created a plan by which to attain that purpose.

What is your BURNING DESIRE?

Fear vs Desire-Prepare1 Image


The things you attempt to do, or don’t attempt from doing, because of Fear greatly outweigh the number of things you do because of Desire.

Most of the people here and around the world are immobilized by fears of all kinds:

  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of disapproval
  • Fear of ill health
  • Fear of security
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of…

Sometimes these fears are so strong that many people “lead lives of quiet desperation.” To risk means having these fears realized. Most of the population lives this way, most of their lives.

I see it all the time in business where middle age and older workers fear technology. Fear holds them back from learning new skills, new ways of marketing through Social Media as the competition passes them by.


Cowardly Lion

You get what you expect… How do you see yourself?

  • Success prone
  • Failure prone
  • Accident prone
  • Solution prone
  • Problem prone
  • Positive prone
  • Negative prone

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Even if we didn’t get the education we wanted, raised the way we wanted, your organization doesn’t recognize your outstanding abilities, and your spouse’s primary objective is to keep you humble.

You’ve been give the greatest power in the world. The Power to CHOOSE


The late Dr. Hans Selye is regarded as the “Father” of Emotional/Stress Research. He identified four responses that people experience in emotional/stressful situations. Some of these are “built-in” and some are learned.


In confrontations and emotional situations most people react impulsively and emotionally, rather than logically and responsibly. This alarm response is called “Fight or Flight.”

If you feel intimidated, humiliated or threatened – but the threat is not physical – learn to recognize the alarm response and develop a relaxation response to allow to deal with this logically and not emotionally to the problem.


Just as the alarm response is built-in, automatic emotional reaction to unpleasant situations, the resist response is an emotional outgrowth of alarm. When most people are alarmed or threatend, they push back and sometimes strike out blindly at fellow employees, family members and even innocent bystanders. Has this happened to you?

People do not like CHANGE. We live in a world that changes constantly. Social Media Platforms change weekly if not daily sometimes.

People especially resist being forced or pushed into the threat of change taking place.

People especially resist being forced or pushed into new and unfamiliar situations. Do you know someone like this? Someone at work? Elsewhere?

The tendency is to do what…PUSH BACK rather than PUSH AHEAD, right?


People who are emotionally immature seem to live their lives on an emotional roller coaster of excitement, alarm, depression and resistance. It’s either Feast or Famine.

With these range of emotions they are physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day or week.

People who are alarmed easily and who resist change reach the stage of exhaustion earlier in their lives than people who are in Control of Their Emotions.

Alarmed and resistive individuals wear themselves out unnecessarily and become biologically older than their chronological age. Every day we see people who look and feel younger or older than they should for their age.


Dr. Selye’s favorite quote was “Fight for your highest attainable aim, but never put up resistance in vain!”

His remedy for distressful situations is to “fight, flee from or resist situation that are physically harmful and life-threatening.” Accept or adapt to situations you have chosen to live with.

“Change the changeable, adapt to the unchangeable and remove yourself from the unacceptable situations in your life.”

Your life’s energy supply is a SAVINGS ACCOUNT” to which you make no further deposits, but from which you are constantly making withdrawals. How’s your account?

To add years to your life and life to your years, choose the response that will enable you to lead your parade without “others raining on it.

Find your own stress level and live within the rules of behavior that meet your spiritual, moral, social, physical, emotional principles and values.


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