11 Tips on Having a Better 2nd Half of the Year

by Blair Evan Ball on July 5, 2013

How would you like to have a better 2nd half of the year than your 1st?

Do you know many businesses and individuals will.

What separates them from you? Do they have some lucky charm? Or do they follow a proven system with strategies and skills that unlock the powers to succeed.

What’s holding you back?

  • Not enough money
  • Not enough education
  • Too many past mistakes
  • The government
  • Economic conditions
  • Too young
  • Too old

Television, radio, newspapers, magazine, motion pictures and the people with whom we interact bombard us every day with “Bad News.” The media knows that bad news sells. People are are eager to listen to it, watch it and read it. In a strange way, they seem to be comforted by knowing that they are better off than many others. Let’s discuss how this ‘bad news sells

Remember: It makes little difference what happens to us in life. How we respond to what happens makes a big/difference. Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

WINNERS take off their blinders, open their minds to new opinions, ideas, things, concepts, activities, etc. They integrate their awareness into future personal and professional goals.

Throughout all of recorded history principles of living have been firmly established and one of the oldest is that future actions of each individual are unfailingly determined by the CURRENT THOUGHTS of that individual.

We tend to live our lives with limitations.

How many square are there in the illustration below?

Square Test

If you are like most people we limit ourselves and do not see. Go to the bottom of this post and compare your number.

It’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you’re not.

Here are 11 tips on having a better 2nd half of the year than your 1st.

1.  Reinforce positive thoughts and habits daily. Everything we do is a habit, whether good or bad.

2. Avoid the negative, it will continue to affect your performance. Get around positive people, read positive information. This will have the biggest impact on you. My challenge to you is try it for 30 days and see.

3. Consciously avoid the temptation to judge yourself against other people. We tend to compare our worst features against their best, and when doing so will always come out second best.

4. Break the daily and weekly routine that you have set. Go to work a different route. Watch different shows, read different material, listen to different music.

5. Continue your education and learning regardless of your age. Studies show that older adults do 10% better in college classes than younger students.

6. Listen for the truth and speak the truth.

7. Read a biography each month. Look for life stories of those who have reached the top of their profession, their hobby, or someone you admire.

8. One of the most powerful influences on your subconscious mind is whet you say to yourself and believe. Affirmation like “I can do it! or “I earn X per year” or “I weigh X pounds, can bring about lasting changes in your self-concept and in your results.

9. Get serious about your goals. Be a doer, not a talker. The only way you can tell what a person really believes is by actions, not words.

10. Become a “Inverse Paranoid”: Tell yourself that everything that is happening is moving you toward the achievement of your goals, even when temporary failures seem to be moving you away from them.

11. Be congruent. For you to perform at your best, your goals and your values must fit together tightly. Your values represent your deepest convictions about what is right and wrong, what is good and bad, and what is important and meaningful to you.  High performance and high self-esteem only happen when your goals and your values are in complete harmony with each other.

There are very few limitation on what you can accomplish in the 2nd half of this year. Most of them are self-imposed. They are the result of fears and doubts that stop you from trying. You can overcome these self-limiting beliefs by taking these action steps today. The journey begins today, get in the game, take one day at a time and as Zig Ziglar says…I will see you at the TOP!

The answer is 56!

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