10 Tips for a Successful Social Media Game Plan in 2013

by Blair Evan Ball on January 12, 2013

Social Media Game Plan for 2013


Football season is winding down for college and pros. There are Winners and Losers. In watching the bowl games and the playoffs, it becomes clear that each team has a game plan. Some teams have good plans and some bad plans. Some teams do a better job of adjusting at half-time and come out on the winning end. Can you observe the difference?

Let me ask you a question… Would you go into one of those games against an opponent without a game plan? Would your coach/leader inspire you with confidence if he said, guys, I think we should just play our best and hopefully when the clock expires we’ll win this thing! Let’s just Wing It. Sounds absurd, right?

Wing It

Yet today, I see many well intentioned companies, managers, leaders, and employees getting into the Social Media Marketing Game without a plan. Yet all expect to WIN! 76% of the businesses using Social Media Marketing will fail because they enter the game without a game plan.

Going into these games without a plan is admitting failure on the front end, and doesn’t inspire confidence with the team. Do you think you can wing it in today’s competitive world?

Here are some Social Media Marketing Game Plan Tips to WIN.

1. Have a Vision – Visionary companies who successfully utilize Social Media Marketing are admired by their peers. Pause for a moment and compose your own mental list of visionary companies; try to think of five organizations’ that meet the following criteria.

  • Premier company in its industry
  • Widely admired by knowledgeable businesspeople
  • Been through multiple product (or service) life cycles
  • Made an indelible imprint on the world in which we live

2. Have a Plan – Sounds simple…right?

  • Carve out some time with yourself, your team, your co-workers, employees, etc.
  • Openly discuss what the plan should be
  • Model successful companies

3. Have Goals & Objectives

  • Be very specific – I want X new Facebook Likes, I want X new Twitter followers
  • Break them down into manageable pieces/timeframes
  • Be specific
  • Be measurable
  • Reward yourself, your Team when attained

4. Be Focused

  • In a world of distractions, we must be laser focused.
  • We must ask daily, what is the best use of my time right now?

5. Be Balanced

  • Have a balance in your life, work, family, health, spiritual
  • Keep it all in perspective

6. Be Flexible

  • Sometimes your plan doesn’t work, right? Adjust
  • Be flexible enough to adjust, yet very clear about your goals and objectives
  • Be in tune with the competitive world around you
  • Every company is off course some of the time

7. Pick your Social Media Marketing Platforms

  • Where do your clients hang out on Social Media?
  • Invest in where they spend their time
  • How much time are you committed to spending?

8. Be Motivated   

  • Find out what cranks your motor
  • The more Why’s you have to do something, the greater the success

9. Be Consistent

  • Do something each and every day
  • Find a way to make it happen
  • Utilize Social Media tools to preschedule your content

10. Be a Content Disseminator

  • Position your company as the expert
  • Position you as the expert
  • Improve SEO



Innovative companies like Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

Fast Companies top 50 lists of Most Innovative Companies.

2012 list of Innovative companies

2011 list of innovative companies

2010 list of innovative companies

2009 list of innovative companies

Avoid the COMFORT ZONE!!!

We’ve seen it time and time again in sports. One team gets a lead and then they start to coast, they don’t execute according to plan and slack off. In quite a few cases they end up losing the game.



My Challenge to You…

Explode out of the blocks in 2013, and make it the best year you’ve ever had. Develop Success Social Media Marketing Skills!

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Jayson Lecuyer January 12, 2013 at 7:58 am

Great blog post. Thanks for the tips!!!



Blair Evan Ball January 14, 2013 at 4:03 pm

Thanks Jason.

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